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The Singles 2001-2009






The Singles 2001-2009 - H&H SoulSurvivors

After nearly a decade together H&H SoulSurvivors releases “The Singles 2001 – 2009”.

The Album contains new songs as well as a selection of their best releases remixed by H&H themselves. Here’s something for everyone; soulful, tech and funky house. H&H SoulSurvivors would like to thank the following: Everton Webb, Notting Hill Publishing, SUsu Records, Walt Disney, Warner US, Keith Thompson, Stacy Kidd, Cdock aka Charles Dockins, Groovejunkie Diva, Timmy Vegas, Ann Saunderson, ReelGroove, Marco Fedez & Dani Sandoval, Diana Waite, MC Envy, Paul James, Phil Hooton and countless others